Master The Art Of Effective Presentation In 3 Simple Steps

The importance of the initial planning stage is epitomized by Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” How do you get about your initial planning stage for an effective presentation? Below are the 3 essential tips to aid you in your effective presentation during the initial planning stage.

1. Understanding your audience

In order to provide the best value to your audience, it is important for you to anticipate the value they expect to derive from your speech. Your speech should be tailored to their level of understanding on the subject. Giving an effective presentation is not difficult, if one is to bear in mind the same rule for effective communication applies. Effective communication is about speaking in your audience language, not yours.

Similarly, an effective presentation involves you to tailor the talk to the situation and this is very important for a successful presentation. There are various methods of obtaining such information. For example, you can do your planning by talking to your host and clarifying these points before you spend much preparation time. I have further elaborate these methods in my blog.

2. Preparation

Once you have a general idea of what you want to say, you will have to decide how to say it in the most effective and efficient manner. Like a sculptor, therein lies in the beauty in your ability to craft an excellent speech. Unlike a conversation or a written document, a talk is a one-shot attempt to make a point and make sure you hit the bull’s eye.

An excellent presentation is one that is well-constructed and tidy. Your points have to be presented to the audience both a logical sequence and unambiguously. Have you every wondered why is it that enables some people to put complex ideas across persuasively, while others struggle to articulate their thoughts? For those who face the problem of structure and flow, you can familiarise yourself with tools such as the Minto Pyramid Principle and Storyboarding. These two tools are elaborated in my blog for reference and the books for you to develop such skills which go beyond effective presentations to everyday business documents.

3. Outlining

Do not commit the cardinal sin of detailed referencing of material or extensive review of data for they won’t be remembered. Remember, the primary purpose of a presentation is to provide information which the audience will then remember at a later date. Leave the responsibility of taking notes during the presentation to your audience instead of cluttering the presentation slides.

Effective keywords and outline of a presentation slide allows more room for the development of the presentation. Here are some suggestions of important elements to keep in mind as you prepare and practice the presentation. This will reduce the amount of re-working you’ll have to do as it evolves, thus resulting in a more streamlined and effective end product.


B. Opening


D. Conclusion

E. Length

Remember that there is no point in giving a presentation if the audience is not listening. Thus, You should make a big effort to help them be interested in what you have to say. I hope these tips have been useful to you and do click on my blog for an in-depth discussion on these tips.

Valentine Gifts For Husbands – Delight Your Beloved With Unique Presents

If you are contemplating on what to present your husband with this Valentines Day, think no more. You have come to the perfect place which will not only guide you in finding the right present for your husband but will also provide you with a list of great ideas that may come in handy in celebrating your special day of love in all its glory. The first thing that you have to keep in mind while looking for a gift is the fact that the gift need not be something very expensive. Be it a gift voucher for a thrilling experience or a personalised gift like football memorabilia, it should be something that your husbands likes and which can make him happy.

If your man loves your company and wants to spend a few special moments with you, surprise him with a Romantic lunch or a Romantic dinner cruise. He will be absolutely amazed at the initiative shown by. Or you can greet him with a pleasant gift voucher for a Romantic Break entitling both of you to a splendid escapade to your favourite place. Let your man know the love you have in your heart for him with a message in a bottle or take him on a surprise Helicopter Tour of London to spend some bedazzling moments in the clouds!

If your husband is adventurous and likes to try out new and exiting things, gift him vouchers for Sphereing or Ice climbing or take him for a thrilling Bungee Jump. He will be delighted to spend his Valentines Day in such a wonderful manner and that too with the person whom he loves the most. If this doesn’t seem too much, then you can always treat him to a thrilling ride in some of the most beautiful cars in the world like an Audi or a Lamborghini. Driving these cars is the fantasy of every man and he will love you even more when you present him with such a marvelous gift.

Biosecurity Amidst Clear And Present Danger

In learning about the sciences, it does not take much to tweak some formulas or genes to create havoc. Despite great advances in the scientific field to abolish hunger and diseases, there is still a lack in the areas of protecting the greater man from those who may choose to utilize them for lesser well-meaning objectives. Biosecurity is thus gaining center stage in the role of monitoring and enforcement framework to safeguard national interests, namely its citizens and properties.

Any organization is open to various sorts of danger. Hence, groups comprising staff trained in the areas of occupational safety and hazards are ever present to ensure all senses remain intact in the event of emergencies. Expanding the concept to encompass a larger region, similar efforts need to be put in place to ensure the wellbeing of all within. Neighborly regions are most concerned with possible spread of any contaminants in the event of unfriendly parties exhibiting spates of dissatisfaction with ruling authorities. Having adequate training in the field of biosecurity enables the professional to think and act rationally in case of disasters.

Since prevention is the preferred course of action to cure, this subject exposes its students to analyzing potential causes. If there is smell of smoke, there is bound to be a fire nearby. By studying past events, it is hopeful to heighten one’s awareness on the signs of the times and not be caught unawares. In the event one slips past the net, appropriate plans of action need to be implemented to curtail further damage. A trained professional is also able to manage crowd expectations as a simple move can cause a stampede.

In summary, those trained in biosecurity comprise individuals of varied skills as some may focus more on the hard sciences in directly addressing safety and hazards whereas others specialize in planning and administration. Soft skills are also handy to allow those in areas of mass communication to perform effective roles in crowd control.